Virtual University in Dubai – Westland University


In today's world everything is changing rapidly and innovative developments in technology have lead to major changes in the field of education, offering new solutions for competitive learning. As a leading virtual university in Dubai and around the world, offering courses, our systems are designed to support needs of students, granting them instant access to educational materials and online courses.

Classes held by a virtual university in Dubai are a lot like conventional classes with an edge. Students can exchange ideas, share experiences and interact with teachers without worrying about time or geographic constraints. Attending this virtual university in Dubai allows you to study from the comfort of your home, workplace or anywhere – all you need is an internet connection.

Virtual University Dubai– E-learning Solutions at your Fingertips

At Westland, a virtual university in Dubai, we combine academic excellence with professional expertise to provide you a dynamic curriculum and a rewarding learning environment which is perfect for students and professionals alike.

Our student-centered approach to education ensures that our graduates step out into the real-world with confidence, armed technical knowledge and an outstanding practical experience. Graduates who study from our virtual university are professionals with exceptional skills set in research, analysis, problem-solving and communications. This sets them apart from their competition and explains why so many of them are now working in top global companies around the globe.

At Westland Virtual University Dubai, our mission is to build a reputation of quality and credibility. It is no wonder then that our as a leading virtual university we are held in high regard by industry experts and top international employers. We are continuously striving to provide an engaging environment for students where they can flourish and grow as professionals. By choosing a program at Westland you make an outstanding investment for your future and find exciting learning opportunities.

Benefit of Studying at a Virtual University Dubai

Students living in even the remotest parts of the world can now access high quality education, all thanks to virtual universities which have made physical distances count for nothing. Here are a few major benefits of studying at a virtual university:

  • Study anytime from absolutely anywhere at all
  • Enroll in courses of your choice without worrying about geographical constraints
  • Get high quality education for a fraction of price
  • Access online tools and education resources
  • Acquire an accredited online degree and study under an international expert faculty.
  • Engaging and interactive multimedia programs for all kinds of specialized fields.

Our virtual university is different from the traditional bricks-and-mortar institutions in terms of affordability, flexibility and convenience. Westland’s online programs allow you to self-pace your education around your personal and professional commitment, without compromising on any.