Distance Education in Dubai Offer Higher Education Opportunities

People who were unable to finish their education after high school due to familial responsibilities, lack of finances or time constraints now are given the chance to get distance education in Dubai through online universities. These individuals, due to a lack of college degree were previously unable to get good jobs; but college or university education for them was also beyond their reach because of their high tuition fee. These individuals did not have any alternative to get higher education previously. Now, however thanks to technological advancements and emergence of online universities in UAE, they can get the benefits of distance education in Dubai. Distance education in Dubai has helped in boosting the careers of these individuals and made them into successful citizens of society.


Distance Education in Dubai & UAE


Distance education has bridged the gap between learning and potential students. Now busy professionals, working adults and students who live in remote areas of the world can easily attend classes at renowned universities, no matter where they are. Distance learning or education gives you the benefit of studying from the comfort of your home or office without dealing with commuting costs or geographical constraints. Unlike traditional schools where you have to attend classes on campus, online schools provide you with easy-to-use video tutorials, live web-conference and an innovative virtual classroom format for your convenience.

Bridging the Learning Divide with Distance Education in Dubai

Westland’s distance education provides access to a spectrum of online degree, diploma and certificate programs. We offer more than 71 diverse majors, in 16 fields of study. Our Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degree programs are an extension of academic excellence, delivering high quality learning beyond the boundaries of traditional campus. While delivered at a distance, Westland’s online education program has inspired thousands of future leaders, and ensured employment opportunities for all. Our online education programs are designed for individuals who are seeking an alternative to the traditional learning experience and are expecting the same challenging curriculum and prestigious degree as those who attend traditional programs.

Options for Distance Education in Dubai

Westland University has changed the face of distance learning with its innovative education management system. Our academic innovation and internationally renowned faculty ensure a unique learning experience for students around the globe through a process of virtual education that is unparallel. Online courses at Westland are designed and taught by a distinguished faculty which consists of industry experts and professionals.

Our courses are delivered using the latest interactive technology and provide interactive forums for group study and support. Our services are not just limited to distance education in Dubai as we ensure that our alumni benefit from us long after they have graduated from our university with our career counseling and employment opportunities services. At Westland, you choose a learning format that fits your lifestyle and attend classes on your own terms – so you receive a real-world education that adds real value to your academic and professional profile!